Chia Products

Chia seeds Products

•Making a chia gel by adding a tablespoon in a glass of warm/hot water, cover for 5-10 minutes and drink on an empty stomach. Good for maintaining •Adding a tablespoonful to the smoothie for protein and fat boost •Sprinkling the seeds on your cereal, rice, yogurt or vegetables

•Adding to baked goods •Using as an egg substitute in baking: Add a tablespoon of ground chia with 3 tablespoons of water, per egg in a recipe. •Mixing with flour and seasoning when making a breaded fish, chicken or veggie dish, for that wonderful nutty flavor and crunch.

Chia yoghurt

Chia supplemented yoghurt (Strawberry and Vanilla flavored)

Chia cookies

Chia seeds fortified cookies

Chia muffins

Chia seeds fortified muffins

macadamia butter

Chia seeds macadamia nut butter

Chia Oil

Chia oil (omega 3 capsules)

Maize flour cake

Maize flour cake enriched with chia seeds

Macadamia Paste

Chia Seeds Macadamia Paste

Chia flour

Chia seed composite flour

Chia Leaves Products

Chia leaves contain essential oils with the following compounds β-caryophyllene, globulol, γ-muroleno, β-pinene, α-humoleno, germacren-B, and widdrol, which have strong repellent characteristics to a wide range of insects which makes the chia plant suitable for organic farming. This oil can be used as a condiment or a flavor enhancer. Chia leaves can be used to make herbal tea as well as consumed as vegetables.

Chia leaves

Fresh Chia fresh leaves

Dried Chia Leaves

Dried Chia Leaves – to cook as vegetables

Chia leaves powder

Chia leaves powder – can be sprinkled on food

Chia leaves herbal

Chia leaves herbal tisane

Modern Equipment

The modern chia farming machinery has upgraded the agricultural industry for the best. Some of the essential and most used machinery are chia mechanized sieve, chia thresher or a combine harvester for large scale farmers, leveler and solar dryer.

chia mechanized sieve

Chia Mechanized Sieve

chia thresher

chia thresher

solar dryer

solar dryer

chia oil press machine

Mini organic chia oil press machine