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Frequently Asked Questions

The chia growers are encouraged to take it as part of their food crop for better health and nutritional benefits. As more people learn and hear about chia, they will create a local market for the surplus.

Boil water and pour it in a cup or other container. Add a spoon of clean chia and wait for about 5 minutes and consume it as gel-like drink. It can be added in the last five minutes in the process of cooking uji or food.

At the present, only a few business or private processors own such machines. However, with time it may be fabricated at DeKUT.

No, chia is a herbal plant and will naturally expel insects and other pests. However, normal weeding and application of animal manure is adequate for the crop.

Some few birds eat chia seeds but not to an extent of wiping the harvest. As more farmers grow chia, the birds may lack interest.

It is not recommended because chia is a herbal plant. More research is underway in this area. However, chia seeds can be added to dairy meal and served to the animals. Chia chaff can also be fermented with molasses to form a cow cake.

Chia takes 4 months to mature. One can also consume the plant as vegetables before attaining 1.5 months old.

chia defatted flour can be obtained by extracting oil from the seeds and then grinding the defatted chia cake which is a byproduct after oil extraction.

By use of hands or any other available tool / mechanism.

Ensure that the chia is clean, package using the normal packaging materials and sell the product. Packaging in specific quantities like half or 1 kg is a standard practice.

No, the harvest is final. Prepare to plant another season.

From existing known farmers and from major supermarkets.

None that is known so far, but consume chia under moderation. It has no anti- nutrients.

The County Government took up that responsibility and rolled out a subsidized soil testing program at 300 per sample. The needy farmers should contact the nearest Agricultural office.

The leaves can be dried under a shade or cooked as flesh vegetables.

By use of processing machine. Suitable machines are yet to be fabricated and released in the market. However, chia oil extraction machines can be imported overseas.

It is a process and requires some basic training. Interested parties are advised to visit DeKUT – IFBT for training.