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Land preparation

Chia prefers loose, well-draining, light to medium clay or sandy soils. Prepare the bed by tilling the top 8 inches of soil. Also, when selecting a site for planting, consider a spot that receives 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Chia flourishes in full sunlight.



When first prepping the garden bed, amend soil with compost or other organic matter. After this initial boost of nutrients, chia shouldn’t need any extra fertilization. The sowing of chia is done in furrows. They do not need to be buried rather they only need to be covered by a thin layer of soil to prevent them from being eaten by birds and other predators. Space plants 12 inches apart. After planting, thinning (uprooting the weak plants) should be done to ensure that the actual spacing is achieved. Weeding should be done frequently to ensure that chia is not suppressed by weed.



Harvesting is usually done after about 4 months once maturity is reached. A mature plant is ready for harvesting when all the petals have fallen. It is advisable to harvest the chia tussles when they are still green and dry them before rather than waiting for them to dry in the field to prevent seed fall wastage.

Fact Finding and Project Information and Dissemination

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